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Compressed Air Survey Kit

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The compressed air survey kit is constructed of aluminum and bronze for light weight and portability. Improve you operation, identify eliminate sources of leaks and waste. Compressed air is the largest uncontrolled utility at many facilities. Utilize the survey kit to verify compressor output, check air consumption, and point of use efficiency. Flow ranges 5 customer selected (max 400, 2000, 4000 SCFM for 1”, 2”, 3” respectively).

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1-SK1 1-SK1 with Pressure Gauge 1 in ±3% F.S.
1-SK2 1-SK2 without Pressure Gauge 1 in ±3% F.S.
2-SK1 2-SK1 with Pressure Gauge 2 in ±3% F.S.
2-SK2 2-SK2 without Pressure Gauge 2 in ±3% F.S.
3-SK1 3-SK1 with Pressure Gauge 3 in ±3% F.S.
3-SK2 3-SK2 without Pressure Gauge 3 in ±3% F.S.
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1